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Motorcar series 1 - 3, 4 (A.G.St.B.)

Motorcar series 1 - 3, 4

Datasheet of Motorcar 1

Motorcars 1
CompanyA.G. Stubaitalbahn 
Year of construction1904 
Manufacturer of el. partsAEG 
Manufacturer of mech. partsGrazer Waggonfabrik 
Deadweight20,5 t
Length over cluch11.400 mm
Wheel arrangementBo'Bo' 
Distance between axes2.000 mm
Type of the motorsWE 2 
Voltage3000 V
Power4x29,5 kW (4x40.11 PS)
to TMB1983 
Present statebetriebsfähig 
AppearenceLetztzustand (1983) 
Restored from/to2004 

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